Each year, the association offers its members several cultural trips accompanied by a MAMCO curator. These trips provide so many opportunities to discover contemporary art in a special way, leading to encounters with artists, visits of studio and private collections, with each visit providing enriching exchanges with professionals of different cultures. By sharing with you its favourite works of art, the association offers you the opportunity to make unexpected discoveries through an exacting programme.

The programmes and prices for each depARTure and trip are available upon request.



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    septembre 2018

  • 6 - 9

    Voyage à Palerme à l’occasion de Manifesta 12

    Avec Samuel Gross, Institut Suisse de Rome

    Programme en cours d’élaboration

  • 13

    DépART à la Chaux-de-Fonds

    Programme en cours d’élaboration

    octobre 2018

  • 11 - 14

    Voyage à Toulouse

    A l’occasion du Festival Le Printemps de Septembre, avec Christian Bernard

    Programme en cours d’élaboration